Recruitment Service​

Process from start to finish​

Sourcing talent​

We advertise roles across over 100 Facebook pages and have direct recruitment office in Brisbane, Sydney, Taiwan and China, media channels and social media to ensure the job role is seen by the right people.​


Our candidates pool cover most of Asian orientated people which from China, Taiwan and Nepal which we have been working with them and like recommend employing. Chinese and Nepalese usually have IELTS 4.5 already.​

Information session

The Weekly information session will be held in sunnybank , all our Candidates will be fully explained the job description and test their English level is okay for safety reason.

Screening process

We make sure our candidate has the best Ability, Attitude, and work ethic to work in HAIDILAO through Interview, reference check etc.

Absenteeism management

Mobile APP will instantly report if the candidate has been checking in to the floor and easy to manage and track any sick or personal leave.

Retention management

Bonus and incentive will be issued to encourage and motivate candidate’s performance.

Induction and toolbox meeting

SPEED 2.0 will be as part of translator for HAIDILAO induction and training , Also will translated and HAIDILAO document into candidates language .